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The new ore that can be screened for a fee is the same ore that we are processing. It has not been high-graded and stones from 100 to 300+ carats have come from this pit. The mine is known for its exceptionally large stones as well as its red/green bicolor, watermelon, dichroic, and color-change stones.


The mine will be open daily from March 15th through November 15th (weather permitting). Call ahead for March and November dates to ensure we are open, before you travel out. We are open sun up to sun down!


Fee-digging prices are based on the wholesale rates that we charge dealers.

There is no fee for digging.

You will be charged 50% of the wholesale value of better colored stones and clear stones that will cut over 8 carats. We deduct for any unusable portions of stones. Because we do not charge for clear unless it will cut over 8 carats or for very light schiller, most people will take many nice stones for FREE.

When you are finished digging, we will grade and sort your stones, charging you for the higher grade material. You are NOT obligated to purchase any stones that you do not want to take.

Belt picking is available this year. Same prices apply.

Belt runs or sorting tables with processed material: $250 for a half yard of concentrated material. This will take about 30 minutes to complete once started. $475 for a full yard of concentrated material. This will take about 1 hour to complete once started. Keep everything you find!

mining belt

Dust Devil Mining processing plant has a belt run attached for public use. Guests can pick freshly dug stones right off the belt.

mining equiptment

Screen tables for fee diggers.


Dust Devil Mining


1375 Dogwood Ave

Cottage Grove, OR 97424


Nick Johnson

P: 813-690-7973

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