Dust Devil Mining Company

All Natural...All American....Oregon Sunstone

Getting Here

Dust Devil Mining Company is Oregon’s premier Sunstone Fee-Digging venue where visitors can prospect virgin ground that has been opened with our heavy equipment – They are never limited to digging tailings or material that has already been high-graded.

Visitors will take most of what they find FREE OF CHARGE, while certain very high-grade or collector stones will be charged at 33% of wholesale. (There is no obligation to buy anything.)

Visitors to the Dust Devil Mine enjoy a friendly, family-oriented environment.

GPS Waypoint Files

If you have a GPS and know how to download a waypoint file, you can use these files to find your way from Plush or from Highway 395 North of Lakeview.

From Lakeview

Drive north on Hwy 395 about 6 miles. Turn right on Hwy 140. This intersection is well marked for the Warner Mt. Ski area and Adel. Drive 16 miles east on Hwy 140, then turn left on CR 3-13 toward Plush. This intersection is well marked for Plush. After driving 18 miles, you will enter Plush, where you should top off your fuel tank and pick up ice, beverages, and snacks before continuing north on CR 3-10, also known as Hogback Road. It is the main road running through Plush. The pavement will end after 5.5 miles. Drive another 5.5 miles to the intersection with CR 3-11 and turn right. Go 1/2 mile and turn left at the intersection with BLM 6155, which is marked by a decaying sign that once read SUNSTONE. Drive 7 miles and turn left at the intersection with BLM 6115, which is well marked by a sign pointing this way to the sunstone collection area.


When traveling from the north on Hwy 395, turn left on Hogback Rd at milepost 64. During dry weather with high clearance vehicles turn left after 7 miles on unmarked Nasty Flat Rd. Drive 7 1/4 miles, then turn right on BLM 6115. In wet weather or in low ground clearance vehicles, travel about 20 miles south on Hogback Rd, then left on CR 3-11. Then, left at the intersection with BLM 6155, and left again at the intersection with BLM 6115. Travel 5 miles to the mine.


Stop in Valley Falls and top off your tank, get beverages, ice, and snacks. Drive north on Hwy 395 to milepost 64 and turn right on Hogback Rd. Follow directions as from north on Hwy 395 above.


Turn right at Adel on CR 3-10 to Plush, then follow directions as in the "from Lakeview" section above.


Drive west toward Plush to CR 3-11 (across the old CCC camp). Turn right on CR 3-11 and drive between the lakes, then west until you climb a short steep hill. A sign which used to read "SUNSTONE" on the left points to a road on the right. This is the second intersection as described in the directions "from Lakeview" above. Take this very sharp turn onto BLM 6155 and proceed as outlined in the "from Lakeview" section.

If You Break Down ...

It is best to stay with your vehicle until help arrives. Do not stay in a running vehicle without proper ventilation. If you choose to walk for help (not advised), DO NOT try to cut across country. Stay on the road. On any road except Nasty Flat Rd. someone will be along within a few hours.

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