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The 2013 Fee Digging Season is Open!

The new ore that can be screened for a fee is the same ore that we are processing. It has not been high-graded and stones from 100 to 300+ carats have come from this pit. The mine is known for its exceptionally large stones as well as its red/green bicolor, watermelon, dichroic, and color-change stones.

Days and Hours of Operations

The Dust Devil Mine is open year round except for Dec. 22 to 28.


Fee-digging prices are based on the wholesale rates that we charge dealers. You will be charged $50 per person for 12 years or older to dig in the pit. That is guaranteed. If you do not find $50 worth of stones you will get a credit for the difference for our rough, cut stones or jewelry. After the $50, you will be charged 33% of the wholesale value of the stones.We deduct for any unusable portions of stones. Because we do not charge for clear unless it will cut over 10 carats or for very light schiller, most people will take many nice stones for FREE.
When you are finished digging, we will grade and sort your stones, charging you for the higher grade material. You are NOT obligated to purchase any stones that you do not want to take.

We will have belt picking available this year. Same fees apply as above.

There is no limit to the amount of time you can spend on the belt unless others are waiting. We will take reservations for belt picking times. We reserve the right to limit time on the belt for those wanting only to high grade. There is a $20 surcharge per hopper load for belt runs. This is to cover our additional costs for running the loader, generator and one or two people to run the belt.


We reserve the right to refuse access to dealers as our way of ensuring that quality rough is always available to rockhounds and hobbyist cutters.

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