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About Oregon Sunstone

Oregon sunstone is a feldspar crystal formed in molten lava and then discharged onto the surface of the earth by a volcano. As the lava weathers away or is broken up the crystals are released.

While feldspars are found all over the world, they are rarely gem grade. Central Oregon is one of the few places where this type of feldspar is found in gem grade and large enough to cut stones for jewelry.


Oregon is the only place in the world where gem grade Sunstones are found containing copper. Varying amounts of copper cause the stones to range in color from water clear to yellow, as well as many shades of green, red and pink. Some stones contain from two to four of these colors. Some rare stones will even change colors in different light as alexandrite does, and some are different colors when viewed from different directions (dichroic and trichroic).


Rock hound and well-known fine jewelry designer Karla Proud is a long-time visitor of Dust Devil Mine. Over the years, Karla has extracted exceptional rough and created extraordinary jewelry from her finds. You can see and purchase Karla's Oregon Sunstone jewelry online.


In ancient times, sunstones were used by natives for barter. They were thought by the Vikings to be a talisman for navigation. New age thought links sunstone to protective energy. It is also said to lend extra physical energy in times of stress or ill health. Others claim that sunstone can assist contemplative processes and bolster the energy level.

  • Color of streak: White
  • (1)Mohs' Hardness: 6.5 - 7.2
  • Density 2.62 - 2.65
  • Cleavage: Perfect in 2 directions
  • Heat Sensitivity: low
  • Crystal System: Triclinic
  • Chemical Composition:
    (sodium calcium aluminum silicate)
    (Ca, NA)(Al, Si)2Si2O8
  • Refractive Index: 1.525 - 1.58
  • Double Refraction: weak to medium
  • Dispersion: weak
  • Critical Angle: 41 degrees
  • Cutting and Polishing tips

Although most references show sunstone feldspar having a hardness of 6 - 6.5, sunstones from the Dust Devil Mine have always tested 6.5 - 7.2 hardness.

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